Horsewomans Spirit - Horsewoman's spirit jeans ignores customers

Winter Park, Colorado 2 comments
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It is extremely frustrating to have yet another manufacturor discontinue a product designed for normal sized active women to push the low rise boot cutstyle you have to be anorexic to wear them jeans. I do not want low rise or boot cut,why is there NO other options for women?? Since the size and product of normal rise, taperd leg riding jeans were always sold out/back ordered, that might have been a clue that people want them?!I've contacted the company asking if I could purchase the pattern they discontinued, no response, and found the new jean they make to be cheap, ill fitting and ugly.

Review about: Tapered Leg Riding Jeans.



If my Horsewoman Spirit Jeans ever wear out I am going to be a mess!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I want more!

Urbana, Illinois, United States #799945

I couldn't agree more.I am so sick of low rise boot cut jeans being the only option.

Low rise doesn't look good on anyone and it doesn't feel good either.I am always trying to find a good quality mid to classic rise tapered leg jean and just can't find them!

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